History of the complex

History of the complex

Initially, the concept of the complex was to build a family cottage, where this place will be the custodian of family values, wooden houses for the closest and loved ones.

The construction was started in 2015 and was based on the cycles of family development as part of family history and modern lifestyle.

The European approach to architecture and design, elegant minimalism, natural colors, natural and environmentally friendly materials were the foundation for the guarantee of family health - this is what the concept is built on.

Step by step, wooden houses, 2 restaurants, log cabins and children's playgrounds were built, and the entire territory was beautified with greenery and decorative flowers and firs.

Upon completion of the entire construction, it was decided at the family council that this cozy place must be a native place for a quiet rural and relaxing holiday for residents and foreign guests of Almaty.

Hence the name - Family recreation complex «Country Village Resort».

It is important for us that every guest who visits our complex is pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome of the staff, which he will definitely receive when visiting the complex, because it is cozy and warm here like at home.